At Envy Worksurfaces we store a massive range of Corian worktops making certain that no matter where you are in the UK you won’t have to look anyplace else for your Corian bathroom or kitchen worktops. Our team also provide and install Corian counter tops for retail customers which include office reception areas, bars, restaurants, or furnishing large new build projects.

Being authorised Corian Fabricators when you order your Corian Worktop it can be formed into any layout and you can save as much as 60% as your kitchen or bath room worktop will be made by us in our workshop in Doncaster South Yorkshire then fitted by our very highly expert installation crew.



Corian is without doubt the market place forerunner in bathroom and kitchen worktops. Corian worktops come with an impressive past record of being durable, versatile with the potential to be easily restored should a calamity happen. Being the original solid surface product, Corian, was specifically developed as a work surface when it was first introduced in 1967. Corian worktops and countertops are provided in an amazing array of over 100 colours and they lend themselves to creative uses, innovative layouts and enduring work surface functions, you have the utmost freedom of expression in your layout, incorporating enduring elegance with useful performance. Home bathroom and kitchen concepts have advanced to a different level with kitchen worktops, prefabricated sinks and islands, created from high performance Corian solid surface. It introduces a balance of performance and beauty

Corian solid surface is right at home with both the modern and the more traditional kitchen materials. Its exceptional effects of light, colour and texture play in classy counterpoint in contrast to kitchen concept features wrought of glass, wood and stainless steel.

Its solid surface is homogeneous, and non-porous- Corian is the same all the way through it’s density. It won’t delaminate or rot under pressure. If you put a bit of Corian in a container of water for 2 years, there will be no change, as it doesn’t take in liquid.

As it is non-porous it is very easy to clean, is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified for food contact and stains can not go through its surface, evaluations have yet to identify a material located in kitchens or bathrooms that will stain a Corian worksurface. As a result of the seamless look of Corian kitchen worktops, coved backsplashes and sinks it guarantees there are no gaps to trap dirt and bacteria. It is warm and inviting to the touch since the material takes it’s temperature level from the area it’s in.

Corian is outstanding at standing up to impacts and day-to-day knocks. In case of damages however, colour matchups are provided with every order so that repairs could be simply made. It is indistinct, unobtrusive, and the joins are seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corian Solid Surface

Granite and Corian  worktops are comparable in the cost of the original installation. However Corian worksurfaces offer more accessories such as integrated sinks and coved backsplashes which like the worktops come in over 100 colors. Also being non-porous and seamless there are no cracks to trap dirt and bacteria. Corian is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified for food contact.

Corian is a brand of solid surface material created by DuPont. Its primary use is as a countertop/benchtop surface, though it has many other applications. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH), a material derived from bauxite ore.

For most spills, all you need to clean your Corian countertops is warm soapy water, an ammonia-based household cleaner, or a dedicated countertop cleaner. It is best to avoid window cleaners, however, as they can leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. Always try to clean using a circular motion.

While Corian work surfaces are heat resistant, as with all counter top materials, it is important to minimise direct heat exposure to protect the surface. It is therefore not advisable to place HOT  Pots, pans, etc., directly onto the worktop use a rubber footed trivet, and allow your cookware to cool before placing in a Corian sink.

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Designer White Sparkling White White Jasmine Whitecap Arctic Ice Venaro White
Corian Worktops Designer White Corian Worktops Sparkling White Corian Worktops White Jasmine Corian Worktops Whitecap Corian Worktops Arctic Ice Corian Worktops Venaro White
Antarctica White Onyx Glacier White Summit White Cameo White Glacier Ice
Corian Worktops Antarctica Corian Worktops White Onyx Corian Worktops Glacier White Corian Worktops Summit White Corian Worktops Cameo White Corian Worktops Glacier Ice
Light Ash Abalone Vanilla Bisque Witch Hazel Dune Prima
Corian Worktops Light Ash Corian Worktops Abalone Corian Worktops Vanilla Corian Worktops Bisque Corian Worktops Witch Hazel Corian Worktops Dune Prima
Nimbus Prima Bone Ecru Fossil Aurora Beige Fieldstone
Corian Worktops Nimbus Prima Corian Worktops bone Corian Worktops Ecru Corian Worktops Fossil Corian Worktops Aurora Corian Worktops Beige Fieldstone
Raffia Sand Everest Gray Onyx Arrowroot Silver Birch
Corian Worktops Raffia Corian Worktops Sand Corian Worktops Everest Corian Worktops Grey Onyx Corian Worktops Arrowroot Corian Worktops Silver Birch
Limestone Prima Rain Cloud Pearl Gray Warm Gray Willow Dove
Corian Worktops Limestone Prima Corian Worktops Rain Cloud Corian Worktops Pearl Grey Corian Worktops Warm Grey Corian Worktops Willow Corian Worktops Dove
Cool Gray Silver Gray Stratus Linen Savannah Clam Shell
Corian Worktops Cool Gray Corian Worktops Silver Grey Corian Worktops Stratus Corian Worktops Linen Corian Worktops Savannah Corian Worktops Clam Shell
Sahara Elegant Gray Clay Keystone Sandalwood Aztec Gold
Corian Worktops Sahara Corian Worktops Elegant Grey Corian Worktops Clay Corian Worktops Keystone Corian Worktops Sandalwood Corian Worktops Aztec Gold
Tumbleweed Burled Beach Sagebrush Rosemary Neutral Concrete Hazelnut
Corian Worktops Tumbleweed Corian Worktops Burled Beach Corian Worktops Sagebrush Corian Worktops Rosemary Corian Worktops Neutral Concrete Corian Worktops Hazelnut
Athena Gray Ash Concrete Weathered Concrete Cocoa Prima Sonora Sienna Brown
Corian Worktops Athena Grey Corian Worktops Ash Concrete Corian Worktops Weathered Concrete Corian Worktops Cocoa Prima Corian Worktops Sonora Corian Worktops Sienna Brown
Silt Canyon Cocoa Brown Deep Sable Deep Mink Eclipse
Corian Worktops Silt Corian Worktops Canyon Corian Worktops Cocoa Brown Corian Worktops Deep Sable Corian Worktops Deep Mink Corian Worktops Eclipse
Sandstone Matterhorn Aqua Juniper Silverite Mineral
Corian Worktops Sandstone Corian Worktops Matterhorn Corian Worktops Aqua Corian Worktops Juniper Corian Worktops Silverite Corian Worktops Mineral
Evening Prima Midnight Lava Rock Graylite Carbon Concrete Deep Espresso
Corian Worktops Evening Prima Corian Worktops Midnight Corian Worktops Lava Rock Corian Worktops Greylite Corian Worktops Carbon Concrete Corian Worktops Deep Espresso
Dusk Platinum Deep Bedrock Shale Sorrel Anthracite
Corian Worktops Dusk Corian Worktops Platinum Corian Worktops Deep Bedrock Corian Worktops Shale Corian Worktops Sorrel Corian Worktops Anthracite
Gravel Cosmos Prima Deep Storm Deep Caviar Deep Night Sky Deep Black Quartz
Corian Worktops Gravel Corian Worktops Cosmos Prima Corian Worktops Deep Storm Corian Worktops Deep Caviar Corian Worktops Deep Night Sky Corian Worktops Deep Black Quartz
Deep Anthracite Hot Royal Red Citrus Orange Imperial Yellow Lime Ice
Corian Worktops Deep Anthracite Corian Worktops Hot Corian Worktops Royal Red Corian Worktops Citrus Orange Corian Worktops Imperial Yellow Corian Worktops Lime Ice
Grape Green Blooming Green Seagrass Mint Ice Diamond Blue Deep Cloud
Corian Worktops Grape Green Corian Worktops Blooming Green Corian Worktops Seagrass Corian Worktops Mint Ice Corian Worktops Diamond Blue Corian Worktops Deep Cloud
Deep Titanium Deep Nocturne
Corian Worktops Deep Titanium Corian Worktops Deep Nocturne

Corian Sinks

Avante Healthcare 331 Avante Healthcare 332 Avante Healthcare 333 Avante Healthcare 334 Avante Belfast
Corian Sinks Avante Healthcare 331 Corian Sinks Avante Healthcare 332 Corian Sinks Avante Healthcare 333 Corian Sinks Avante Healthcare 334 Avante Belfast
Avante Cardiff Avante Edinburgh Avante Swansea Avante Bristol Avante Durham
Corian Sinks Avante Cardiff Corian Sinks Avante Edinburgh Corian Sinks Avante Swansea Corian Sinks Avante Bristol Corian Sinks Avante Durham
Avante Exeter Avante Warwick Avante Windsor Avante York Wash Troughs Cambridge
Corian Sinks Avante Exeter Corian Sinks Avante Warwick Corian Sinks Avante Windsor Corian Sinks Avante York Corian Sinks Wash Troughs Cambridge
Wash Troughs London Wash Troughs Oxford Calm 810 Calm 815 Calm 820
Corian Sinks Wash Troughs London Corian Sinks Wash Troughs Oxford Corian Sinks Calm 810 Corian Sinks Calm 815 Corian Sinks Calm 820
Care 5310 Care 5510 Fontana FSP 40 Fontana FSP 50 Peace 7610
Corian Sinks Care 5310 Corian Sinks Care 5510 Corian Sinks Fontana FSP 40 Corian Sinks Fontana FSP 50 Corian Sinks Peace 7610
Purity 7210 Purity 7220 Refresh 7410 Refresh 7420 Relax 7310
Corian Sinks Purity 7210 Corian Sinks Purity 7220 Corian Sinks Refresh 7410 Corian Sinks Refresh 7420 Corian Sinks Relax 7310
Relax 7320 Relax 7330 Rounded 9310 Salty 9410 Smooth 850
Corian Sinks Relax 7320 Corian Sinks Relax 7330 Corian Sinks Rounded 9310 Corian Sinks Salty 9410 Corian Sinks Smooth 850
Sparkling 9501 Sparkling 9502 Sparkling 9503 Sparkling 9504 Sparkling 9505
Corian Sinks Sparkling 9501 Corian Sinks Sparkling 9502 Corian Sinks Sparkling 9503 Corian Sinks Sparkling 9504 Corian Sinks Sparkling 9505
Spicy 965 Spicy 966 Spicy 967 Spicy 969 Spicy 970
Corian Sinks Spicy 965 Corian Sinks Spicy 966 Corian Sinks Spicy 967 Corian Sinks Spicy 969 Corian Sinks Spicy 970
Spicy 9910 Spicy 9920 Sweet 804 Sweet 805 Sweet 809
Corian Sinks Spicy 9910 Corian Sinks Spicy 9920 Corian Sinks Sweet 804 Corian Sinks Sweet 805 Corian Sinks Sweet 809
Sweet 857 Sweet 859 Sweet 871 Sweet 881 Tasty 9610
Corian Sinks Sweet 857 Corian Sinks Sweet 859 Corian Sinks Sweet 871 Corian Sinks Sweet 881 Corian Sinks Tasty 9610


Bull Nose Double Round Pencil Round Single Bevel Single Imperial
Corian Worktops Edges Bull Nose Corian Worktops Edges Double Round Corian Worktops Edges Pencil Round Corian Worktops Edges Single Bevel Corian Worktops Edges Single Imperial
Single Ovolo Single Round Single Spanish Square Waterfall
Corian Worktops Edges Single Ovolo Corian Worktops Edges Single Round Corian Worktops Edges Single Spanish Corian Worktops Edges Square Corian Worktops Edges Waterfall


10mm Coved 50mm Coved Squared
Corian Worktops Upstands 10mm Coved Corian Worktops Upstands 50mm Coved Corian Worktops Upstands Squared


Break Front Double Notch External Splay
Corian Worktops Profiles Break Front Corian Worktops Profiles Double Notch Corian Worktops Profiles External Splay
Internal Splay Single Radius Triple Notch
Corian Worktops Profiles Internal Splay Corian Worktops Profiles Single Radius Corian Worktops Profiles Triple Notch

Cut Outs And Pan Rests

Belfast Hob Sink Stainless Steel
Corian Worktops Cut Outs And Pan Rests Belfast Corian Worktops Cut Outs And Pan Rests Hob Sink Corian Worktops Cut Outs And Pan Rests Stainless Steel

Drainer Grooves

Angled Curved Faceted
Corian Worktops Drainer Grooves Angled Corian Worktops Drainer Grooves Curved Corian Worktops Drainer Grooves Faceted
Leaf Pattern Oblique Straight Grooves
Corian Worktops Drainer Grooves Leaf Pattern Corian Worktops Drainer Grooves Oblique Corian Worktops Drainer Grooves Straight Grooves

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