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Staron A Preferred Solution All Over The World

Staron worktops and countertops are a popular choice worldwide for both commercial and domestic use. Besides being used in homes, they are also fitted in restaurants, both as serving counters and in the kitchen, in hospitals, and in dentist and doctors surgeries. The abilities of the product in itself make the design opportunities of this solid surface virtually limitless. As authorised installers and fabricators of Staron work surfaces, every one of our worktop and countertop fittings has a Ten Years warranty

What Is Staron Solid Surface?

Staron is produced by Samsung, it is a luxury, 100% acrylic, high quality solid surface material. It is a hygienic, robust, versatile, stain resistant and a durable product that offers elegance and beauty but can also withstand everyday wear and tear in a commercial or residential environment. Using the proper care and attention your Staron solid surface will continue looking brand-new for many years to come but if your worktop did become damaged caused by a massive blow or a deep scrape it can be simply repaired. So whether you’re choosing a brand new high-class home kitchen worktop or an impressive curved reception area counter, Staron solid surface is the best option and would exceed all of your expectations.

The distinct Staron Tempest range of colours contains a choice of more than 75 awe inspiring solid surface colours for you to pick from, a testament to Samsung’s determination to being among one of the best solid surface providers worldwide.

What Are The Advantages Of A Staron Worktop?

Staron solid surface is resistant to heat up to 130℃ and also has the Euro Class B fire retardant certification. As it is 100% non porous it means that bacteria and moulds are unable to grow on it or to permeate the top. As a result of this, it has been awarded the NSF-51 food safe certification making it highly practical for food preparation areas, and for use in hospitals and laboratories in which hygiene is of the utmost priority. It’s also UV stable, meaning that your Staron worktop won’t fade or bleach in sunlight, making it the leading alternative for both commercial and domestic countertops, worktops and additional applications.

As accredited Staron fabricators our team can fabricate your new work surface into any pattern imaginable, so the options for use in your bathroom, kitchen, reception area etc are unlimited. The finished product will additionally be joined seamlessly so it all looks like one continual item. You are able to have curves, angles, stunning free-flowing island worktops, and virtually anything else that you can imagine. There’s a great choice of edges for you to choose from also including bull-nose, square, double round, rounded, single ovolo, single Spanish, shark nose and several more.

Fitting a Staron solid surface worktop on your next job will make it easy for you to make the most of the endless forms that may be made and it will also give you the choice of having completely blended sinks, up stands and end panels leaving the job looking magnificent. Staron solid surface really is a delight for all designers and architects that long for a way to bring enjoyment to their ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Staron Solid Surface

Staron® Solid Surfaces are made of 100% durable acrylic material and are extremely versatile.

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Staron Work Surfaces AdamantineStaron Work Surfaces Aspen BrownStaron Work Surfaces Aspen FiestaStaron Work Surfaces Aspen GlacierStaron Work Surfaces Aspen LavaStaron Work Surfaces Aspen Lily
Aspen MineAspen Pepperaspen SkyAspen SnowBronze StarCalifornia Poppy
Staron Work Surfaces Aspen MineStaron Work Surfaces Aspen PepperStaron Work Surfaces Aspen SkyStaron Work Surfaces Aspen SnowStaron Work Surfaces Bronze StarStaron Work Surfaces California Poppy
CarawayCinnamonConfectionCopperplateDazzling WhiteEarthen Bark
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Earthen StratumEggplantGlimmerGold LeafHorizonIgneous
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IrisIvoryMetallic GalaxyMetallic Satin GoldMetallic Sleek SilverMetallic Yukon
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Mosaic DalmatianMosaic NimbusOnyxPeakPearlPebble Blue
Staron Work Surfaces Mosaic DalmatianStaron Work Surfaces Mosaic NimbusStaron Work Surfaces OnyxStaron Work Surfaces PeakStaron Work Surfaces PearlStaron Work Surfaces Pebble Blue
Pebble ChiffonPebble CopperPebble EbonyPebble FrostPebble GoldPebble Grey
Staron Work Surfaces Pebble ChiffonStaron Work Surfaces Pebble CopperStaron Work Surfaces Pebble EbonyStaron Work Surfaces Pebble FrostStaron Work Surfaces Pebble GoldStaron Work Surfaces Pebble Grey
Pebble IcePebble SaratogaPebble SeastarPebble SwanPebble Tea RosePebble Terrain
Staron Work Surfaces Pebble IceStaron Work Surfaces Pebble SaratogaStaron Work Surfaces Pebble SeastarStaron Work Surfaces Pebble SwanStaron Work Surfaces Pebble Tea RoseStaron Work Surfaces Pebble Terrain
Powder BluePrairiePure WhiteQuarry BluffQuarry MesaQuarry Minette
Staron Work Surfaces Powder BlueStaron Work Surfaces PrairieStaron Work Surfaces Pure WhiteStaron Work Surfaces Quarry BluffStaron Work Surfaces Quarry MesaStaron Work Surfaces Quarry Minette
OysterQuarry StarredQuarry WhiteRadiance ShimmerRattanSanded Birch
Staron Work Surfaces OysterStaron Work Surfaces Quarry StarredStaron Work Surfaces Quarry WhiteStaron Work Surfaces Radiance ShimmerStaron Work Surfaces RattanStaron Work Surfaces Sanded Birch
Sanded ClaySanded CornmealSanded CreamSanded Gold DustSanded GreySanded Heron
Staron Work Surfaces Sanded ClayStaron Work Surfaces Sanded CornmealStaron Work Surfaces Sanded CreamStaron Work Surfaces Sanded Gold DustStaron Work Surfaces Sanded GreyStaron Work Surfaces Sanded Heron
Sanded IcicleSanded LinenSanded MochaSanded OatmealSanded OnyxSanded Papyrus
Staron Work Surfaces Sanded IcicleStaron Work Surfaces Sanded LinenStaron Work Surfaces Sanded MochaStaron Work Surfaces Sanded OatmealStaron Work Surfaces Sanded OnyxStaron Work Surfaces Sanded Papyrus
Sanded SaharaSanded StratusSanded TundraSanded VermillionSanded White PepperSolid Cool Mint
Staron Work Surfaces Sanded SaharaStaron Work Surfaces Sanded StratusStaron Work Surfaces Sanded TundraStaron Work Surfaces Sanded VermillionStaron Work Surfaces Sanded White PepperStaron Work Surfaces Solid Cool Mint
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Staron Work Surfaces Solid FogStaron Work Surfaces Solid SunflowerStaron Work Surfaces Solid TuskStaron Work Surfaces Solid UniverseStaron Work Surfaces SteelStaron Work Surfaces Tempest Blaze
Tempest CaviarTempest DazzleTempest GenesisTempest MeteorTempest PeakTempest Polar
Staron Work Surfaces Tempest CaviarStaron Work Surfaces Tempest DazzleStaron Work Surfaces Tempest GenesisStaron Work Surfaces Tempest MeteorStaron Work Surfaces Tempest PeakStaron Work Surfaces Tempest Polar
Tempest RadianceTempest Rattan BTempest Silver CloudTempest StarfireTempest ZenithWhippoorwill
Staron Work Surfaces Tempest RadianceStaron Work Surfaces Tempest Rattan BStaron Work Surfaces Tempest Silver CloudStaron Work Surfaces Tempest StarfireStaron Work Surfaces Tempest ZenithStaron Work Surfaces Whippoorwill
Staron Work Surfaces Zenith

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