Tristone is a solid surface worktop that is 100% acrylic, extremely practical, elegant and long lasting. It is resistant to heat, bacteria water, and numerous chemicals. Consequently, Tristone is ideal for use in laboratories, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, kitchens, and any where else that needs superior performance and resistance to bacteria and microbes.

It cleans up effortlessly just using ordinary home cleaning solutions, and water.


If your Tristone kitchen worktop becomes damage with stains or scratches (although it is extremely stain and scratch resistant) it has the ability to be quickly refurbished. Scratches and stains can just be sanded out, and after that, the surface can be revitalised using a polisher.

As your Tristone work surface is fully non-porous it is completely unsusceptible to damages from bacteria or other microbes. For this reason, it is often fitted in restaurants, laboratories hospitals, and other sites where hygiene is of great importance. Tristone is certified by the NSF which shows that the materials have been assessed and evaluated, before being given the NSF accreditation. NSF is the sole third-party testing organisation which has such stringent specifications. They not only investigate the materials used, but they also make unannounced plant checkups to ensure the plant is compliant with their guidelines.

Tristone work surfaces are available in a wide variety of colours and we are able to cut and customise it with unlimited layout options. It can also be combined with various other components in your kitchen or bathroom, for instance, tiles, glass, granite and more, so that you are able to have a kitchen or bathroom that expresses your very own style.

Compared with other kitchen and bathroom surfaces, a Tristone work surface offers many benefits. Granite is quite often used for kitchen work surfaces, but it needs to be properly sealed every few years. If it is not sealed, because the surface is porous it can hold bacteria and germs. Granite additionally marks very easily and also has obvious seams. Tristone worksurfaces are totally non-porous, and also have no visible seams.

Ordering your Tristone work surfaces from Envy Worksurfaces also includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. This manufacturer’s warranty can be transferred to the new owner, should you sell your home during the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tristone Solid Surface

Tristone is a long-lasting, extremely practical and very elegant solid surface which is manufactured from 100% acrylic. It is also resistant to water, heat and due to being non-porous is resistant to bacteria and many chemicals as well.

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Worktop Colours

AlmondAmbianceAndraditeAntartic IceAntelope CanyonAsh
Tristone Worktops AlmondTristone Worktops AmbianceTristone Worktops AndraditeTristone Worktops Antartic IceTristone Worktops Antelope CanyonTristone Worktops Ash
Beige SandsBeige WalesBlack FrostBlack PepperChalcedonyConcord
Tristone Worktops Beige SandsTristone Worktops Beige WalesTristone Worktops Black FrostTristone Worktops Black PepperTristone Worktops ChalcedonyTristone Worktops Concord
Cream SandsDark CaveFogFrench ToastFrost LandFrost Quartz
Tristone Worktops Cream SandsTristone Worktops Dark CaveTristone Worktops FogTristone Worktops French ToastTristone Worktops Frost LandTristone Worktops Frost Quartz
Gold TwilightGriseIndian OceanIrisLatonaMilk Shake
Tristone Worktops Gold TwilightTristone Worktops GriseTristone Worktops Indian OceanTristone Worktops IrisTristone Worktops LatonaTristone Worktops Milk Shake
Milky SandsMoiraNatural PearlNight PearlNight SkyPure White
Tristone Worktops Milky SandsTristone Worktops MoiraTristone Worktops Natural PearlTristone Worktops Night PearlTristone Worktops Night SkyTristone Worktops Pure White
RacoonRainy SkyRed AmberRocky MountainSauronShell
Tristone Worktops RacoonTristone Worktops Rainy SkyTristone Worktops Red AmberTristone Worktops Rocky MountainTristone Worktops SauronTristone Worktops Shell
SinaiSnow PearlSnow RangeSoft PearlSweet PeanutTempest Grey
Tristone Worktops SinaiTristone Worktops Snow PearlTristone Worktops Snow RangeTristone Worktops Soft PearlTristone Worktops Sweet PeanutTristone Worktops Tempest Grey
Whale White
Tristone Worktops Whale White

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